We do not only provide repair services on tires using high quality tools and materials, in order to provide good achievements for the tires that we have worked on.

- The process inspection tire to be repaired using standard equipment (forklift / tire handler lift) and complete PPE.

- Then ensure that the repair tires to be repaired are in accordance with the repair standards

- Tire repair is the process of patching a leaking tire at a certain point by performing the repair process according to standards.

- The goal is to extend the live time of the tire because the previous target has not been achieved with the specified age and we are doing repairs to reach the target age.
- The curing process is the process of cooking rubber / patches on tire repair whose material is still semi-finished and cooked at a certain temperature and in hours according to the thickness of the tire wound so that it blends with the origina

- For repair workshops in Balikpapan tire repair R24 ​​to R57

- At the KPC workshop / site R24 to R63 "