To support our costumer need, we provide fully skilled and trained maintenance team. Our on-site tire service management has been proved as the best supportavailable in the market.

- Tire Mounting The process of installing tires to the unit that has been assembled with pressure according to the recommendations, then proceed with the installation of wheel bolts and tightening wheel bolts.

- Tire Dismounting The process of releasing the tires from the unit starting from the pinning of the unit and removing the wheel bolts then proceeding with the removal of the tires using a tire handler lift (Loader, Forklift)

- Tire assembly the assembly process from tire to rim starts from checking the rim and tires when appropriate, then continues with the process of lubricating the bead tire using the Mounting Compound and then resuming the installation of tires to the oring mounting rim and other tire components. After the assembly process is complete, proceed with the tire pumping process according to the recommended pressure

- Tire Dis assembly the process of releasing the rim component from the tire, where starting from the release pressure until it runs out then dismantling the rim component from the tire using special tools, namely the Bead breaker with the help of the air from the compressor

- Daily check for tire pressure is carried out every day in the field in order to see the condition of the Wheel Nut Tire, tire defects / tire injuries and whether the tire pressure is still standard or not, if the tire pressure decreases to 30% of the total recommendation, the pressure is added until it is suitable. recommendation.

- This daily check also aims to extend the life of the tire so that it can run according to the desired lifetime target

- The results of the daily check are also reported to the customer as evident that it has been done every day

- If the daily check pressure is not running, the tire may be running at Low pressure so that it affects the tire performance life time

- RIM Maintenance aims to see whether the Rim Condition is still suitable for use or not

- If there is damage such as cracks, etc., you can submit repair / repair to the vendor

- Rim maintenance also aims to extend the life of RIM as it has been doing, namely doing RIM Brushing to remove rust on the tires, then continue with the Painting Process at RIM.