PT Chitra Paratama (Company) is subsidiary of PT Mahadana Dasha Utama (Mahadasha), part of PT Tiara Marga Trakindo Group (TMT Group). Commencing its operation since 1993, Perusahaan in its early is part of the tire business unit division named PT Trakindo Utama. In 1996, Perusahaan was appointed as a sole agent of tire Michelin earthmover in Indonesia, and then it was established as a separate company on February 18th, 2000.
1. We enforce the highest ethical and moral standards, demonstrating honesty and fairness in all activities
2. We are committed to continuously developing both our companies and employees
3. We countinuously strive to achieve the highest standar of result
4. We pursue and adopt new techniques and approaches to improve our business quality
5. We assume responsibility to stakeholders for all the decisions and action taken
6. We promote and support a multicultural workforce based on trust and respect, achieving goals by communicationg appropriately
To become total tire solution providers


"As one of the most complete tire solution providers, The Company always exerts its best to improve the comprehensive service and keep on innovating to fulfill customers’ need. The Company is always dynamic in managing and running its business, willing to learn, fast in adapting to the industrial change or market condition thereby able to provide high quality and prime products and service to the customers."

"Series of product and service offered by the Company as the most complete tire solution supplier in Indonesia ie providing tire, rim, tire tools, and accessories, repair service and tire retread, tire service management, as well as tire handler product."

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Safety, Health and Environment

With the Occupational Safety & Health, Environment and Security (K3LK) Policy, PT Chitra Paratama is determined and committed to achieve performance standards in the field of K3LK Management throughout its working area as the company of choice for the most complete tire solution provider in Indonesia
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